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Raising Money for Restoration of the Kings Meadow Baths

Raising Money for Restoration of the Kings Meadow Baths.

Selected events
The run down below is for memoir history sake  only.  We tried… there was much more to the sequence of events than listed below… and that must not be forgotten.
The first stages began in earnest. The goal was £5000.  The Organisation had Charitable Aims.

Raising money - the campaigners vision of the exterior
The Campaigners vision of the exterior 

The Campaigners had a Legal lead regarding Opening up the Pool to the Public

Raising money in 2010

MONTHLY PICK OUT OF A HAT (ongoing) – FREE meal for 2 at the Crowne Plaza Caversham
CAMRA FESTIVAL- April 2010 first opening of Baths for 35 years.  See Campaigners video (AGJ)

Raising money beer and cider festival Reading
Reading’s Annual Beer and Cider Festival. CAMRA. Courtesy of Get Reading. Enlarge +

GRAZELEY PAROCHIAL CHURCH SCHOOL – Donated Silver Collection £168.41p – end of Summer Term Concert. Our grateful thanks
“HOW TO RESCUE A RUIN” Readers Digest May 10th 2010
SWIMMERS REUNION at Mapledurham Pavilion July 2010
HERITAGE WEEK The Baths were open Friday 10th September; Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th. Thanks to all who came to have a another peep at the wonderful bath that has stood for 108 years – also for £150+ worth of donations. Thank YOU!
TESCO’S COMMUNITY DAY – 9th September 2010
CHARITY BALL held at Penta Hotel October 2nd 2010

raising money Charity Ball
L. Kay Matthews – fund raiser and C. Lead Campaigner Bob O’Neill

‘GET FITTED FOR CHRISTMAS – Sonning Common Village Hall 7th November 2010

Raising money in 2011

Other planned events for December were cancelled due to adverse weather conditions 2011

OPEN DAY at Pool 10.30 – 15.00 6th February 2011
2 CAR BOOT and TABLE TOP SALES – 26th February and March held at Mapledurham Pavilion A joint venture with fundraisers for the replacement of Mapledurham Pavilion.
5 K HERITAGE WALK and QUIZ held 20th March
Schools Together Entertainment PRIVATE SCHOOL EVENT 8th July 17.00 – 19.00. Allowed a stand for KMC to collect funds
THE CAVERSHAM FESTIVAL on 10th July 11.00 – 20.00.
DESIGN A T-SHIRT competition for children under 16 years old. This will be launched at Meadow Madness on Saturday, 14th, May, 2011.

Raising money - eventual T Shirt
Eventual T Shirt. 


Raising money - rear of T Shirt
Rear of T Shirt






Raising money - Beau's ice rink
Little Beau’s interpretation of the ice rink. 

CAR BOOT SALE in aid of KMC and Mapledurham Pavilion Fundraising Saturday August 20th 12-4pm
HERITAGE TRAIL – opened Baths on Friday 9th & Saturday 10th September 2011

Raising money - On the Heritage Trail
On the Heritage Trail. 

Reminiscenses - mince pies and mulled wineCHRISTMAS BAZAAR

Raising money in 2012

TABLE TOP SALE- Plant Room Kings Meadow Baths 1st April 2012 10am
BEER FESTIVAL – Plant Room King’s Meadow Baths 2nd May 2012 – 6th May ’12
VOLKWAGON FESTIVAL – Table Stand for the day.
HERITAGE DAYS – Plant Room at Kings Meadow Baths, Friday to Sunday Sept. 7th- 9th 2012
CAKE STALLS Pangbourne – Oct.20th ’12 and Cyclists Exhibition Prospect Park Oct. 21st ’12
MULTI OPEN DAYS Open Days every weekend for 18 months come rain, ice or snow and beautiful balmy weekends.
XMAS INVITATION POSTER– Plant room Sunday 16th Dec.2012 from 2.30pm Mince Pies & Mulled Wine & Photograph

Write up:


 Raising money in 2013

Archives Water Feast

READING WATER FEAST – Central Pool Reading in January 

Considerable raised funds were used to help the Baths from deteriorating. Unfortunately the bank BALANCE was always the subject persistently quoted in the media. Not actually the amount raised.
But…in any event,  it just wasn’t enough in the end.
The Campaigners wanted the Council’s support

The Kings Meadow Baths were listed here

The Campaigners tried to keep the building for the Community of Reading people. Just as George Palmer did.

“At the very least the building was saved.”

Recap on ultimate raising money efforts 2013
– our visions –  to page.


Restoration of Interior of KM BathsKings Meadow Open Air Ladies Baths 2013…

Thames – 2017 and another story.


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