Children in pursuit of their artistic talent

Children Crayoning and a Peep inside Octagon

Children Crayoning and a Peep inside Octagon

Children enjoying their day at the Tescos Community Event. What a lovely day it was.  Thank you Tescos – supporters of the Campaigners cause and offering them table space.

Campaigners were promoting and increasing public awareness for Saving Kings Meadow Baths.

The Baths were just along the tow path from Tescos running along the River Thames.

Despite blowy conditions,  fresh apples were at hand to keep the papers secured to the table.

Plans were up for display for all visitors to take in the Campaigners visions,  and to raise money.

Children were invited to crayon black and white pictures of the various aspects of the Baths.  This was interesting giving their own interpretation of the building when decorated.

It also introduced the meaning of restoration,   and what Heritage is all about,  aiming to restore the very little that remains.

Children and parents…

…were invited to walk up to the pool to have a peep inside and survey the swimming pool.  A peep into the Octagon area was allowed.  The Octagon is the main entrance to the pool.

In its time,  the cashiers office was in here and where the staff used to make a cup of tea.

In recent days , it had been turned into a previous bar and meeting room when the sub aqua club occupied the building.

They paid a peppercorn rent to the council.


Part of the pool deck  reflected this by the adding and filling in of an extra partition.  This was erected just in front of the iron columns near the Octagon.  This thus altered the perception of the the lovely rounded entrance to the pool which continued onto the pool deck.