BBC 1 Flog it Presenter Paul Martin

BBC 1 Flog it! Presenter Paul Martin came to Kings Meadow Baths

BBC 1 Flog it! Presenter Paul Martin came to Kings Meadow Baths

BBC 1 ‘s “Flog it”  came to Kings Meadow Baths!

The BBC presenter Paul Martin came along with his team of cameramen, audio experts, producer and other members of the crew.

It was a good day weatherwise,  but it’s fair to say the actual “BBC 1 Flog it’s” wouldn’t have been appropriate in the pool environment.

Mr Swimming Instructor of Berkshire – Charlie Burt and his wife Jen –  came to give their experiences of the Baths.  You can imagine that there was a lot to say considering Charlie was just short of his 96th birthday,  and Jen wasn’t far behind.

During the 60s and 70s Charlie was frequently teaching schools swimming at the Baths,  and he had many tales to relate.

BBC presenter Paul tried to narrow the field,  by endeavouring to steer the conversation the “BBC Flog it” way,  and following retake after retake finally  “got it in the can.”

BBC 1 Flog it! is a popular programme  for those that enjoy antiques,  and extracting their chattels from loft areas,  to share and unbenowingly find out their pricelessness.

The BBC team always feature particular interesting stories from around the programme locations – in this instance Newbury.

Kings Meadow Baths just happened to fit their bill.

The actual broadcast of the Flog it programme was unknown, but eventually 18 months later it was aired.

By this time of course,  not only had the participants changed in looks, dress and manner,  but the Campaigners by then had come to the end of their monetarium.

The Baths had been placed on the open market and open to  5 bidders – including the Kings Meadow Campaign.

After a 12 years battle for the Campaigners campaign to save the baths – for the people of Reading –  it was too late to have Paul Martin as our figurehead for any further fund raising events.  He had kindly offered his services at the time of filming.

BBC Flog it filming was interesting and it certainly brought the hundreds to the website when it was eventually broadcast – but…the deed of sale to a developer was already on the way.

Thank you Paul anyway.

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