Reminiscenses - mince pies and mulled wine

Reminiscences and Mince Pies at the Baths

Reminiscences and Mince Pies at the Baths

A Christmas gathering of past swimmers took place at the Kings Meadow Baths.

Xmas Poster

Many reminiscenses and memories were shared whilst downing sumptious home made mince pies and supping hot mulled wine.

Reminiscenses involved one visitor along with his pen name of “Doctor Bernard.”  He set his particular reminiscenses and memories to poetry.  It was the first time that Bernard Redway 75  had visited the Baths since it closed in 1974.

He captivated his audience.  They listened intently  to his reminiscenses of the past in general, which was enhanced by much merriment of the occasion.

It was a cold Christmassy afternoon,  but this didn’t deter enjoyment of the occasion.

A photocall  of shivering guests cast brave smiles whilst gazing over the icy waters of the pool.

They were of course undoubtedly considering joining an “ Icicles Swimming Group” so wildly popular at the moment!

Ha ha on the subject of reality,  really wishing to get back inside again.


Supping steaming  hot mulled wine and cups of teas was much more to their taste.

Reminiscences from all ages continued throughout the afternoon.  Those that swam in the Kings Meadow Baths had tainted reminiscenses and memories of the cold.  Also the slippery bottom before filtraton systems had been installed.  But… it was NEVER heated.

Although modern day systems would put paid to all that,  the impressions and reminiscenses of childhood are indented forever.  However,  this did not prevent lots of well wishing for the future aspirations of the campaign,  and yes…they would definately consider a swim in the warmer waters – even if it was snowing!

Winter Swimming at Tooting Beck Lido

Reminiscenses - Tooting Beck Lido
Enlarge – Tooting Bec Lido in south London is the largest pool in the UK at 91.44 metres long and 30.18 wide. Dating back to 1906

We would never have known anything else before central heating systems were invented!

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